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"God has chosen to make Himself known to man through the Scriptures, through the Holy Spirit, and even through Creation, but most of all He has made Himself known through Jesus Christ. The knowledge of God is available to all, but only a few have taken the time to pursue this treasure.

YWAM (Youth With A Mission) has a motto: “To know God and to make Him known”

This mission statement should be the life pursuit of every Christian. Unless you know Him, you can never truly make Him known. From this study of theology, you will know more about God and His ways and gain confidence in your relationship with Him – but most of all, this knowledge will inspire you to make Him known.

I have asked my dear friend Paul Butler, a pastor and world missionary, to write about this subject. He is passionate about the study of God, and like me, believes that theology should not be a dry subject taught only in seminaries. Pastor Butler understands that theology is a vital life-giving subject that should be absolutely foundational for every Christian." (Dr. Leon Van Rooyen)

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