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"He is King of kings, Lord of lords, God above all gods, Leader above all leaders!

His name is Jesus Christ.

In Him we look upon perfection: no mistakes, no flaws, no failure, no sin, and no compromise. He had perfect judgment and always made the right decision. All His actions were perfect. He was never moved by panic or pressure to perform. He was never manipulated or controlled. He lived in total harmony with God the Father and was fully yielded to the Holy Spirit. His faith always produced and His prayers were always heard. I came to the conclusion that no one could more accurately reveal the qualities of a successful leader than Jesus Christ.

To focus on Jesus is not to discard the contribution of other biblical leaders; the Holy Spirit made sure that their lives were included in Scripture so as to be examples for us to follow. We cannot afford to leave them out of our studies completely, but in this study, our primary model is the greatest and the final authority – the Leader of all leaders – Jesus Christ."

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